Enterprise Sales Development with Mark Hunter


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Mark Hunter, an author, speaker, sales trainer and consultant, also known as the Sales Hunter. Mark shares insight from his experience working with organizations from all different sizes and scale as well as his tactics for building trust with cold calls. He also discusses the meaning behind the alliteration, “Polite people plug up people’s pipelines.” Listen to hear why the outcome of a sales call is more important than the product you’re selling.

  • Why the outcome is more important than the product you’re selling and how to determine that outcome
  • Tactics for building trust and how reps can build trust with cold calls
  • Mark’s thinking behind “Polite people plug up people’s pipelines”
  • Why he starts training at the leadership level
  • The Customer Service Engagement (CSE) metric
  • Structure ideas for those new to sales

  • “It’s the outcome you create for the people, for the customers you’re serving. That’s where our focus should be. It’s really not the product. It’s the outcome.” -Mark Hunter [04:00]
  • “You create trust by connecting the dots of every conversation you have with that prospect.” -Mark Hunter [10:11]
  • “A confused buyer doesn’t make a decision.” -Mark Hunter [19:29]
  • “If you follow the breadcrumbs far enough, you’ll understand where they lead and how can I help the customer.” -Mark Hunter [22:31]
  • “I’m a firm believer that if I want to succeed long-term, I have to do it with others.” -Mark Hunter [37:46]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:31] Meet Mark Hunter
  • [02:03] Being a keynote speaker
  • [04:35] Tactics to build trust and confidence
  • [07:09] Voice-to-voice trust building
  • [12:34] Polite people plug up people’s pipelines
  • [17:29] Better discovery
  • [23:56] Starting at the leadership level
  • [28:15] CSE metric
  • [35:08] Lone wolf mentality
  • [39:05] Mentorship and guidance
  • [42:55] How to contact Mark



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