Enterprise Sales Development with Morgan Ingram


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training and creator at 1UP Formula Podcast. Morgan shares his insights about routines, mindset and preparation for SDRs. He also discusses how he stays on top of the current trends and his approach to building a presence on LinkedIn.

  • The origin behind his title as Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, why he chose it and how it relates to what he does at JBarrows Sales Training
  • Self-reflecting sales skills for SDRs who are afraid to listening to their calls
  • His routine that preps him for his day
  • Relationships betweens SDRs and AEs and keeping that curiosity alive internally
  • How he stays on top of current trends and move them into the sales side

  • “Sales is a life skill. And the faster that you realize that, that everything you do is sales, you’re gonna be just way better off.” - Morgan Ingram [15:03]
  • “My goal is try to win the week.” - Morgan Ingram [19:43]
  • “It’s a puzzle, and you have to figure out where the puzzle pieces to bring that together, but the only way you can do that is by asking the right questions with genuine curiosity and caring about their business and what’s going on, so you can uncover if you truly can help.” - Morgan Ingram [25:06]
  • “So the thing is I’m not married to any channel, any outbound channel, any social media channel, nothing. All I’m married to is the process and figuring out where is the attention and where is the audience, and then how can I convey the same thing that I always say in a different way.” - Morgan Ingram [33:38]
  • “I honestly wished we could turn off all followers in everything, and we will probably have more quality relationships with people. We wouldn’t judge people on the first indication of their followers and their engagement and whatever that may be. We would just focus on the value that they’re bringing.” - Morgan Ingram [38:38]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:29] Meet Morgan Ingram
  • [02:02] Director of Sales Execution and Evolution
  • [08:26] Self-reflecting sales skills
  • [14:32] Morgan’s routine
  • [22:03] Finding the puzzle pieces
  • [25:57] Relationships betweens SDRs and AEs
  • [32:04] Staying on top of current trends
  • [35:47] His approach to building a presence on LinkedIn
  • [39:15] His LinkedIn courses
  • [42:47] Having an Individual brand within a brand
  • [45:25] What’s next for Morgan
  • [48:01] How to contact Morgan


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