Enterprise Sales Development with Rob Simmons


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Rob Simmons, VP of Sales Development at LeanData. Rob talks about entering into his role where he leads 20+ SDRs after first being a customer. He discusses how he scaled his team and is responsible for a lot of the growth. He also shares how his experience as a football coach informs his leadership style and his approach to coaching and leadership today.

  • His experience as a coach and his transition from coaching into sales
  • How his coaching experiences carry overs into his leadership in sales
  • His thoughts on employee retention
  • The Four C’s he looks for when hiring
  • The most important thing when onboarding and training a new SDR
  • Suggestions for certifications and things an SDR can do prior to the interview process
  • Takeaways from his time at Outreach
  • Using proof points and what the narrative arc looks like at LeanData
  • Sales methodologies that he finds incredibly valuable as well as disciplines and coaching skills he looks to instill to his team
  • How he coaches reps to take really hard objections and how he straightens the SDR/AE relationship

  • “I do love people who come from a team sports background. I think it just breeds the right kind of culture of competitiveness, but not at the expense of others. Like ‘We’re a team here together and we can help each other and all be successful together’ is very much the culture I try to instill within my teams.” - Rob Simmons [10:50]
  • “I’ve realized that you can find SDRs within any background whatsoever, and it’s more about the intangibles that they have.” - Rob Simmons [12:06]
  • “The phone still works. And I’m a big preacher of leaving voicemails, even if you don’t catch people.” - Rob Simmons [20:21]
  • “Alway be practicing, but you just got to pick up the phone and go.” - Rob Simmons [31:51]
  • “You always, no matter what it is, want to show what good looks like.” - Rob Simmons [41:13]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:29] Meet Rob Simmons
  • [01:53] Scaling sales development and employee retention
  • [06:54] His team of SDRs
  • [08:26] His experience as a coach
  • [11:20] The Four C’s
  • [14:21] Onboarding and training a new SDR
  • [16:46] Takeaways from his time at Outreach
  • [22:01] Proof points and what the narrative arc looks like
  • [29:03] Sales methodologies
  • [31:59] Disciplines and coaching skills he instills to his team
  • [36:18] Working with hard objections
  • [39:18] Eye-opening responses
  • [41:23] Straightening the SDR/AE relationship
  • [46:08] How to contact Rob



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