Enterprise Sales Development with Thibaut Souyris


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Thibaut Souyris, CEO and founder of SalesLabs and co-host of The B2B Sales Podcast. Thibaut draws from his experiences and perspective in sales to discuss how to use LinkedIn from every angle. He shares actionable strategies to leverage, set appointments and create attention on LinkedIn at a much higher rate. He also discusses how to strategy this channel into your prospecting approach.

  • How to start conversations through LinkedIn
  • What to understand about LinkedIn as a channel
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile by setting it up as a landing page
  • Ways to find your voice
  • How to leverage the tools on LinkedIn, specifically LinkedIn Events

  • “That’s the first thing we start with my customers, is to get them to understand that LinkedIn is a place where people hang out. It’s not like a lead database. It’s actually a social network and it happens to be a social network that is the most accurate biggest lead database you can find.” -Thibaut Souyris [03:10]
  • “For me, it’s always to turn your LinkedIn profile to a landing page.” -Thibaut Souyris [13:45]
  • “When you create and when you put yourself out there, people know about you and some people will hate what you’re doing, and that’s great because you don’t want to work with them. Some people will be indifferent and a lot of people will like what you’re doing, and then make a lot of decisions based on your personality.” -Thibaut Souyris [18:21]
  • “One thing I always insist on is do not write anything online if you have strong emotions.” -Thibaut Souyris [30:03]
  • “If you talk about a problem, you are fishing with problems.” -Thibaut Souyris [49:27]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:28] This week’s guest: Thibaut Souyris
  • [01:55] Where to start with clients at SalesLabs
  • [06:22] Lack of information
  • [08:21] LinkedIn as a channel
  • [12:34] Using profile as a landing page
  • [19:40] See yourself as a DJ
  • [23:11] Ways to find your voice
  • [29:36] Dos and Don’ts
  • [38:25] Leveraging the tools of LinkedIn
  • [40:58] Where we are now with LinkedIn
  • [45:07] Other tools
  • [47:06] The Netflix Effect
  • [52:51] How to contact Thibaut



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