Enterprise Sales Development with Tory Kindlick


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In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Tory Kindlick, VP of Demand Generation at Refine Labs. Tory draws from his experience as a sales person, a sales leader, a marketing leader and his current role as VP of marketing at Refine Labs to discuss his thoughts on sales teams reporting to marketing. He talks about the difference between demand gen and marketing and why he’s not a fan of gated content. He also shares the things he hates that marketers do and some best practices to develop a niche and use LinkedIn and TikTok for marketing.

  • His thoughts on sales teams reporting to marketing and where he thinks is the most successful
  • His role as VP of Demand Generation at Refine Labs
  • The difference between demand gen and marketing
  • Why he’s not a fan of gated content
  • How SDRs can use LinkedIn to build a personal brand and TikTok for marketing
  • How to develop a niche

  • “I think that sales development is to me more of a form of marketing than it is a form of sales.” -Tory Kindlick [03:11]
  • “I like to say that lead generation is a byproduct of demand generation, and so if you’re doing demand generation the right way, the leads will come to you.” -Tory Kindlick [10:46]
  • “I’m not a fan of gated content or considering webinar attendees or registrants to be leads, because they’re not. They’re just people who are maybe interested in your content and have decided that maybe it’s worth exchanging their own contact information for that content.” -Tory Kindlick [17:47]
  • “If your team is number one, really in tune with your buyers, understand where they are and what they care about, and is putting out that very sharable type of content, whether it be snippets from the webinar or just their own free thoughts in text form or video form or even TikToks on the topics, it doesn’t matter. As long as the content’s valuable and shareable, those are the things that can have a real true impact for the sales development function.” -Tory Kindlick [32:28]
  • “TikTok is going to continue to be a huge platform for marketers and sellers. I think the biggest challenge with it is people trying to figure out how to use it the right way, knowing that a lot of people are there and spending time there. Any marketer is going to say, ‘Ok, if my buyers are there and spending time there, then I need to be there too,’ but you just can’t replicate the same approach that you’re taking on LinkedIn and think that it’s going to work on TikTok.” -Tory Kindlick [35:21]

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:32] Meet Tory Kindlick
  • [02:08] Sales teams reporting to marketing
  • [07:02] His experience at Refine Labs
  • [11:57] How to have a positive impact on a sales funnel
  • [17:11] Gated content
  • [23:03] CIENCE’s approach
  • [30:01] Using LinkedIn and TikTok for marketing
  • [37:59] How to develop a niche
  • [42:50] How to contact Tory


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