Basement Beginnings with Mike McDerment and Turnkey Promoting with Ryan Alarid


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Mike McDerment - FreshBooks Founder, shares what sparked his business and how returning home to work from his parents basement is where the magic began. Mike goes on to say that building your team and having them share your values is really important as well as staying focus on your business so it doesn't go the wrong direction. Ryan Alard - VP of Marketing for Digistore24, talks about how he provides a turnkey online store for companies and takes all the processing and promoting off the entrepreneur's hands. His company will find the people who want to sell your product. Ryan goes on to say that you can make money by promoting products on your social media. He closes the show with his advice that he tells all of his employees, to be the CEO of their position and to make it their job to be the best that they can be at it. [00:00:00] I'm Home! [00:05:49] Accounting 101 [00:11:31] Values and Alignment [00:18:22] Turnkey Promoting [00:26:06] Social Media Promoting [00:33:24] Own It!

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