Taking Your in-Person Experience Into the Digital World


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It’s nothing new to hear that hospitality should be a big priority for all business owners. But, for Cali BBQ, it’s all about Digital Hospitality. While that may sound like just another buzzword, it’s something that all businesses should be prioritizing. In this ‘Deep Dive’ episode, Shawn Walchef, Owner of Cali BBQ & Founder of Cali BBQ Media, talks about what Digital Hospitality is, why it’s so important and what steps business owners can take to implement an effective digital strategy. Cali BBQ: https://www.yelp.com/biz/cali-comfort-bbq-spring-valley-4 Ali Schwartz: https://linktr.ee/alischwar Meserole Sound: https://www.meserolesound.nyc/

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