How to Grow Your Business by Building Your Dream Team with Meredith Viguers


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Meredith Viguers equips Entrepreneurs to break through their limiting beliefs, develop the right team to put systems in place that allow them to grow more profitably with less of their own time.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. Letting go of the thought that someone else has to do everything the way that you do is a freeing thing, and understand that by building the right team your business can thrive, and often you will find better ways to grow your business.

2. You can be open to growth after you accept the responsibility, and you are willing to let go of a known good for a potentially great unknown.

3. As an entrepreneur, if you are willing to change your mind, develop your people, and get out of the way, you can have a massively successful business with less of your time.

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