Why Every Business Needs a Great Newsletter with Amith Nagarajan


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Amith is the founder of rasa.io - a company that makes it incredibly easy for any business to send a great newsletter. rasa.io is a platform that is easy to use and automates the steps in creating a newsletter to allow anyone to send a fantastic newsletter on a frequent basis. In addition to making it easy, rasa.io uses AI to personalize the content for every reader automatically which results in much better performance.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. The problem companies have today, whatever brand, is people forget you. It’s extremely easy in the world we live in today to be forgotten.

2. Curation is the idea of getting the best possible content , not just about your product or your company, but also circles surrounding your topic.

3. Every business needs to be connected on a high frequency basis, or else, you’ll be forgotten.

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