David Nothacker: CEO and Founder of Sennder, a Logistics Unicorn


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David Nothacker, the founder Sennder - a logistics startup from Berlin that is now valued more than a billion Euros. This podcast was recorded back in 2016, way before the idea that this might be worth more than a billion Euro. Learn about the four “Fs” of fund-raising, and how supportive Roland Berger were when David decided not to return their after business school.

Sennder took an innovative approach on delivery business, allowing customers to get the package faster and cheaper than with current alternative, by using spare capacity on buses. This interview was recorded in 2016, way before the company achieved its stellar valuation. When we were recording the interview the valuation range was in range of three to five million Euros.

See if you can spot the characteristics that led this company to become a European success story.

This podcast was originally published as part of Project Kazimierz podcast recorded with Sam Cooke that was migrated onto the NBN in 2020. Some of the content reflects this fact.

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