Michał Borkowski: Co-founder of Brainly, Poland's First Unicorn to be?


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Michał Borkowski is the co-founder of Brainly. This Project Kazimierz interview with Michał was recorded back in 2016. Since then, Brainly has gone from strength to strength. Michal explains the importance of building, growing, and nurturing a community. Richard and Michał break down the competition within the networking platforms. Sam and Michal look into education and the need for personalisation within the system. Listeners are encouraged to note Michał’s sense of mission and commitment to the users of his many sites.

About your host - Richard Lucas

Richard is a business and social entrepreneur who founded, led and/or invested in more than 30 businesses, Richard has been a TEDx event organiser, supports the pro-entrepreneurship ecosystem, and leads entrepreneurship workshops at all levels: from pre-schools to leading business schools. Richard was born in Oxford and moved to Poland in 1991. Read more here.

Sam Cook was the co-host of this podcast from 2015-17

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