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Words cannot express how frustrated I am with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State. Just weeks after announcing a "visa modernization" improvement with two visa priority date charts, which I blogged about as a positive improvement, the DOS has yanked back the priority dates for those eligible to apply for green cards by two (2) years! What that means is that families, not just hundreds but thousands of families, who had hopes to apply for a green card in October, and who have worked diligently over the past weeks to collect documents, get medical exams, pay immigration lawyers like me, are suddenly with only a few days notice having their hopes and dreams dashed by what appears to be a government mixup. But far and away the most frustrating thing is that this very thing happened before. In 2007, the State Department moved all dates to "current" status, then before the month in which they would accept applications came, they yanked the dates back. At that time, a class action lawsuit was prepared, and a "flowers campaign" started by Indian immigrants who sent flowers to the agency asking for help and sympathy. This was referred to in the Times of India as a Gandhigiri, a peaceful act of protest. The agency responded by allowing the filings to occur within a 30 day period. So the protest and public outrage was a success in 2007.

I can understand that people make mistakes. I have made some myself. But the agency must own up to this mistake, and allow those who have relied upon their earlier published visa bulletin to file within a short 30 day window. For this, someone has started a White House Petition. I was among the first to sign it, and I hope others will do so as well:


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