Upcoming Environment China LIVE podcast on Twitter Spaces - on the China EV market!


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Access our Live event on the link above!!

Just a short teaser to tell you about an experiment we are planning to try on Monday morning BJ time, Sunday night U.S. time. Joyce and I will be hosting a Twitter Live interview with James Gao of BEN and Tu Le of Sino Auto Insights and the China EVs and More podcast. If we manage to figure out the technical stuff, it will start at 8:00 am Monday China time, and that’s 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific on Sunday.

In this upcoming episode, we are going to talk about the China EV market, which is poised to surpass 3 million vehicles this year and 5 million next year. We’re going to talk about China’s EV startups, international brands, and what makes China so disruptive in the EV space. We’ll touch on some issues like range, design, battery size, and charging. We’ll bring it back to the issue of emissions and the environment, and take your questions. If all goes well, we’ll play a game of buy-sell-or-hold with our esteemed guests, and our audience will get to play too!

So looking forward to seeing you there with us, LIVE, on the Environment China podcast on Twitter Spaces, Sunday night US time, Monday morning China time! You can access the Live event on the link above.

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