What to expect for renewable energy in the 14th Five-Year Plan: A Ben Webinar


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It's been a busy year for energy policy in China, and we're only in the beginning of July. This summer and fall are crucial periods in the design of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and many listeners are already aware that there are big issues at stake for climate and the environment. In today's podcast, we're releasing the audio of a Beijing Energy Network webinar held in mid-June. Recent Environment China podcast host Anders Hove and China Dialogue's Wu Yixiu delivered a joint presentation covering a lot of important details of this process. Topics touched on include:

  • Recent renewable energy trends in China.
  • Why China is seeing a wave of new coal plant approvals.
  • Whether wind and solar are likely to grow in 2020, and how much.
  • Whether China will enhance its climate ambition or adopt a carbon cap.
  • What the new energy law and clean energy consumption mechanism drafts are all about.

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