EER117: Raising bilingual kids in Mexico, with Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless


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Raising bilingual kids in Mexico. Living in Oaxaca. Driving around Mexico and giving birth there (twice) during the time of Zika. We're talking to Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless on today's episode of Epic Education Radio.


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Language Learning & Raising Bilingual Kids in Mexico

Christine Gilbert has studied Mandarin in Beijing, Arabic in Beirut, and Spanish in Mexico and Spain. She has lived all over and written about it along the way. If you've even come across the website Almost Fearless, then you've seen her work.

I spoke to her from Oaxaca, where she, her husband, Drew and their three kids were in the middle of a long road trip through Mexico. Two of their three kids were born there, and they've captured some memorable moments of their time in Mexico with kids on their website as well as in her excellent memoir, Mother Tongue.

Join us as we talk language learning, education methods we've tried, having a baby in Puerto Vallarta, being pregnant in Mexico in the age of Zika, and more.

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  • 02:27 Intro
  • 06:19 Mexican Destinations
  • 10:21 Education & language learning
  • 18:25 Zika, Pregnancy in Mexico
  • 22:12 Business & Money
  • 26:23 Gear


  • Names: Christine Gilbert, her husband, Drew, & their three kids Cole (7), Stella (4) and Talula (1)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Slow Travel & Living in China, Lebanon & Mexico. Traveled to over 40 other countries.



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