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If you're considering trying some slow travel in Europe with kids, then this is an episode for you. In today's installment of Epic Education Radio, we're talking family travel in Europe, worldschooling, slow travel in Europe and more.


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Slow Travel in Europe with Kids

Meet the Harrisons. They just spent a year slow traveling in Europe with kids. Henry is a filmmaker and Mel is a writer, and their slow Europe family travel trip took them to 13 countries in the course of 12 months. Their journey started in Florence, Italy. From there, they visited Germany, Scotland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and many others before returning home to Livingston, Montana in the USA.

Family Travel in Europe

The Harrison's original family travel plan was to buy an RV and travel in North America. But eventually, their plan evolved into spending one year of slow travel in Europe with their children. Why slow travel in Europe with kids? For Henry, the history of the places they'd visit held a lot of appeal. For Mel, the outdoor opportunities were enticing. They write about both on their blog (link below).

Family travel in Europe offers lots of learning experiences for curious families, but it can be expensive as a vacation. Slow travel in Europe with kids also costs more than places like Southeast Asia, but when you slow travel, expenses can drop.

Europe with Kids: Apartment Rentals & Destinations

How can you make slow travel in Europe with kids less expensive? Stay in apartment rentals instead of hotels. Henry and Mel talk about staying in apartment rentals and talk about what they might take with them next time.

Their suggestions may surprise you.

For example, one was a knife sharpener. Why a knife sharpener? Because many Airbnb & other apartment rentals in Europe have sub-par cookware. (And not just in Europe, either). Bringing a knife sharpener means that you'll always have a sharp knife in the kitchen.

Considering slow travel in Europe with children?

If so, then tune in as we discuss homeschooling, the Schengen zone, travel planning and other aspects of slow travel in Europe with kids. Listen up! And please share!

IN THIS EPISODE: Slow Travel in Europe with Kids

  • 2:o2 Intro & origins
  • 4:48 Planning slow travel in Europe
  • 8:36 Habits routines
  • 11:17 Work & travel
  • 20:43 Travel gear & money management
  • 31:17 Education
  • 40:27 Destinations for slow travel in Europe with kids


  • Names: Henry & Mel Harrison
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: One year slow traveling in Europe
  • A few places they've been: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, the UK and many others

What They Carried: Slow Travel in Europe with Kids

LINKS & RESOURCES for Slow Travel in Europe with Kids


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