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This week's topic is family traveler safety tips we've learned in our years of full-time travel with kids. Listen in as I run through some travel advice on how to travel safely with kids.

Our Family Traveler Safety Tips

Child safety is always a priority for parents, and when considering travel with kids, that's one of the first things we moms and dads think about. After leaving our home in Japan in 2013, our family has lived in many countries and traveled to many places, including:

What have we learned about family traveler safety? A lot. Most importantly, we've learned that family travel is safe in most of the world. In fact, in some places, it can be safer to travel with kids than without!

Don't fall for the media's depiction of places like Mexico and other nations in the developing world. Sure, there are unsafe places, and there are regions here and there that you should avoid. But in general, much of the world is a safe place to explore with kids.

In this solo episode of Epic Education Radio (just me, no guest), I talk about some of the most important family traveler safety tips we know. These are not just for city travel or for deep in the developing world. These are not just international travel safety tips. They can be used in your hometown as well!

You can find a more detailed post about family traveler safety advice here

Pre-Trip: Family Traveler Safety Tips

The first safety tip for kids is to play the "What If" game. Here's where you run through lots of travel safety situations and ask them what they'd do if it actually happened. Questions like:

  • "What if we get separated in the market?"
  • "What if a stranger asks you a question on the street?"

Questions like these aren't to scare your child. They're asked to prepare them.

Next, it's time to role play. Here's where you act out all the family travel safety situations. Make it fun, but make sure they understand.

Another important family traveler safety tip is to pre your documents and devices. In the episode and companion blog post, I detail what paperwork you should prepare and where to store it. Then I talk about the importance of charged devices so you can pull up your info when needed.

Insurance: The Most Important Family Traveler Tip Of All

Do you need family travel insurance? You're damn right you do. There are many reasons why you should have insurance during any family vacation or trip. To be honest, you'll probably be like most people and never need it. But if you do, it feels very good knowing it's there.

On the Road: Family Traveler Safety Tips

Okay. You've prepared your kids for travel, and you've planned your trip. Now it's time to hit the road. Here are a few family traveler safety tips for the trip itself.

The first big family traveler safety tip is to simply avoid looking like a target. Don't wear flashy clothes and watches, and be discreet with your camera and smart devices.

When traveling in crowded places, always make sure to choose a designated meeting point in case you get separated. Wearing bright colored clothes can also help you spot each other in the crowds.

If you do get separated, make sure your children have contact info on them. Also, I know some traveling parents who take a quick phone shot of their child every morning on the road. That way if you need to describe your child to someone, you have an up-to-date picture with the clothes that they're wearing that day.

Want More Family Traveler Safety Tips?

Listen in as I talk about code words, license plates and more. Do you have a family traveler safety tip you could share? Tell us in the comments!

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