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Will you visit India with kids? Traveling to India with children can be a bold move, but a rewarding one. In this week's episode, we're talking India traveling tips with a family who lives in Bangalore. Anyone planning a trip to India with kids and looking for family-friendly India travel ideas should listen in!

TIMECODES: In this episode

  • 02:26 Intro
  • 03:20 Why India? Why India with kids
  • 13:38 Best times to visit
  • 15:58 India travel itinerary: India's Golden Triangle
  • 18:44 Goa and Kerala
  • 19:57 Hampi
  • 21:20 Sleeper trains in India for kids
  • 23:23 Food & hygiene in India
  • 34:52 Other India travel tips
  • 37:11 India's app culture
  • 43:55 Recommended travel gear for India


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India with Kids

Meet Jenny Lynn. She and her husband Jason tried backpacking in India before they had children. Fast forward a few years and they're living in the UK with two young boys. Then there was an opportunity to transfer Jason's job to Bangalore. They took it.

In this episode of Epic Education Radio, Jenny tells us all about traveling in India with kids. We talk about food in India, train travel in India and lots of other important travel tips regarding India for families. Listen in! And please share!

Why Visit India? Why India with Kids?

Travel in India is polarizing. After traveling to India, some people return home starry-eyed, waiting to return. Others leave early and never want to come back. When I ask Jenny about this, she says that she can relate to both sides. "India is a place of ups and downs," she explains, "but there's an energy here that gets under your skin."

The Challenges of Traveling in India with Children

India travel offers some unique challenges and rewards. The rewards are obvious: the privilege of experiencing one of the most fascinating cultures and histories in the world. The food, the colors, the spices, the architecture, and dance. And of course, the "energy" that Jenny speaks of.

The challenges seem even more obvious: the poverty, the filth, the street-level desperation. Then there is the yawning gap between rich and poor, and the corruption that festers between them.

There is the noise. And the chaos. Then there are the issues with food safety and overly "enthusiastic" touts, hawkers and panhandlers. It's a lot to take in. Jenny describes many of the issues she faces living in India, and what travelers should expect.

When and Where: India Travel Tips

Jenny talks about some of the best places to visit and the best time to visit India. In general, Jenny recommends visiting India with children in November through January. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a "hissing 40 degrees (Celcius / 104ºF)" and oppressive humidity.

Know where to go in India? Know things to do in India? If not, then Jenny has lots of suggestions. We talk about the typical "Golden Triangle" route (Delhi, Taj Mahal & Jaipur) and how the suggests tackling it. Jenny also talks briefly about Kerala, Rishikesh, Hampi and other favorite India destinations.

Then discuss exploring Goa with kids, India's famous beach getaway has lots of potential for family travelers. We also talk a lot about train travel in India and how to get the most out of it.

Does Jenny recommend train travel in India? Absolutely. We discuss India train classes and their experience in India's sleeper class for overnight train trips.

Apps, Food, and Safety in India

Jenny gives great practical information about many aspects of Indian family travel. She talks about how to avoid spicy food in India. We also discuss real issues that Western women and fair-haired children face and how best to address them.

Jenny also details several very useful apps to use in India. Whether it's a taxi or the supermarket, India has an app for it.

Have You Been to India with Kids?

Question: have you been backpacking in India with children? Have you lived in India with kids? Listen in to Jenny's story and tell us if you relate. This is the first post on An Epic Education regarding Indian and I want to provide as much information and insight as I can. Chime in below!


  • Name: Jenny Lynn
  • Hold passports from: The UK
  • Type of travel: Living & traveling in India

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