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If you visit Hawaii as a family, you'll find plenty of things to do in Hawaii Big Island with kids. This week's guest tells us all about her suggested Hawaii travel itinerary and all the things to do on the big island. Whether you're in Hawaii with toddlers or Hawaii with teens, these tips on Big Island attractions will get your excited.

Big Island Attractions: Hawaii With Kids

Meet Harmony. She and her family just enjoyed a great holiday on Hawaii's Big Island with kids, and she wants to share what she learned. Like many of us, she mixed a bit of relaxing Hawaii holiday with many of the educational opportunities that the Big Island attractions offer.

Timecodes: Hawaii Big Island with Children

  • 02:26 Intro
  • 04:16 When to go to Big Island with Kids
  • 05:52 Places to go
  • 12:17 Mauna Kea Observatory
  • 15:30 Kahaluu Beach
  • 19:14 Driving in
  • 23:58 Keauhou Shopping center
  • 25:35 Hawaiian Food
  • 30:16 Resources
  • 33:28 Gear

When to Go to Hawaii Big Island with Kids

Weather in Hawaii is pretty good all year round. That said, Harmony mentions two times of year when you should consider avoiding visiting the Big Island. Christmas in Hawaii may sound appealing, but the crowds are massive. That's the same for the Hawaii Ironman: almost all Big Island accommodation is booked.

Things to Do in Hawaii Big Island with Kids

Some of the most interesting things to do on Hawaii's Big Island are also some of the most educational.

Volcano National Park with Kids

Harmony talks about visiting the Volcano National Park, where you can see actual lava flow and lava tubes. Her tips on getting the most out of your visit in the podcast.

Mauna Kea Observatory

Hawaii is a great place to see the stars. Harmony talks about visiting the Mauna Kea Observatory. There you can stare into the galaxy using powerful telescopes. It doesn't matter if you're in Hawaii with teens, tweens or toddlers, this is a place to experience first hand.

Harmony's tips on when and how to visit the observatory in the podcast.

The Best Big Island Beaches, Shopping and More

Harmony talks about some of the best beaches on the Big Island and where they enjoyed most. She talks about seeing sea turtles and making leis with orchids. Hawaiian food is also discussed, as well as Hawaiian shaved ice: a new favorite for her kids.

Driving on the Big Island

Harmony talks about driving on Hawaii's Big Island with kids and you may be surprised with what you hear. For example, it's important to fuel up before heading out for the day, because there are large stretches where there isn't a gas station to be found.

More tips on car rental and Driving in Hawaii Big Island with kids in the podcast.

Mentioned Resources

  • Pinterest
  • Public Libraries
  • I mentioned using Overdrive

Gear Mentioned for Hawaii with Kids

  • Sunscreen (Harmony used up to 8 bottles & a few face sticks)
  • iPads
  • Snorkels (bring your own)
  • Reefs flip-flops


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Have You Been to Hawaii's Big Island With Kids?

What did you see? What did you do? Where did you stay? I'd love to get more family travel tips and advice on what to add to the best Hawaii Big Island itinerary. Let us know in the comments!

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