Guy Zyskind: Secret Network – Bringing Privacy to Blockchain


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Formerly Enigma, Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol built using the Cosmos SDK. It uses Trusted Execution Environments on nodes to marry privacy-by-default with smart contracts.

We welcomed Guy Zyskind, Founder & CEO of Secret Network, back on the show to chat about the progression of the project into the new protocol and why this is now built on Cosmos, advantages and drawbacks in using Trusted Execution Environments and SGX technology over cryptography only, and why people might want to keep NFTs private.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Guy's background and how he got into crypto
  • How Enigma/Secret Network evolved
  • Why the Switch to Cosmos?
  • Trusted Execution Environment and SGX
  • The levels of privacy within the network
  • Why CosmWasm?
  • The future of SGX computation
  • Secret contracts interacting with other IBC enabled chains
  • The types of applications running on Secret today
  • NFTs on Secret

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