Episode 33: It’s our duty as humans to be angry at injustice | Fullmetal Alchemist chapters 72 & 73


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A surprise phone call helps Riza recover after her encounter with Pride. The Briggs tunnel rescue crew returns just in time.

We flash back before the end of last chapter. Winry devises her own plan to escape being used as a hostage to manipulate Ed and Al. Ed, Al, Scar, and Miles help pull it off. Kimblee and his military crew are forced to fall back due to an oncoming blizzard, while Winry, Scar, Marcoh, May, Yoki, Jerso, and Zanpano make their way out through the mining tunnels of Baschool—thanks to Yoki… for once.

Word comes to the crew at Baschool that troops from Central have come to command Briggs while Olivier goes to Central. Al braves a blizzard to tell their allies in the mining tunnels about the change of command before it’s too late.

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