Close Ally Of Rep Greene Among Those In Capitol Riot


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A close ally of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was among those in the January Capitol riot, according to Kfile. This contradicts claims that former President Donald Trump supporters were "fake." The source says "it was not ANTIFA... it was Trump supporters." Sen. Johnson doubles down on pushing debunked Capitol riot claims about "fake" Trump supporters. Johnson says that left-wing agitators were behind the Capitol riot. Fight brewing over commission to probe the Capitol riot.

Connolly accuses Jordan of "gaslighting" and says that he "will not be lectured by people" who voted to overturn the election.

Sources say that President Joe Biden's White House concedes OMB nomination May fail. The team was so confident, according to the source, minimal effort was made to get the GOP on board.

Biden has revoked multiple Trump-era executive actions.

The Trump issue: The GOP is divided over the path going forward for republicans. Republican leaders publicly clash over Trump's role in thee GOP.

Researchers find a worrying new covid variant in New York City.

The Texas deep freeze could cause a spike in coronavirus cases. A doctor describes it as "a giant petri dish" as people huddled in shelters to keep warm.

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