Protests Underway For The 14th Day In Cities Across The United States


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Protests grow as calls to defund the police get louder. The Minneapolis city council vows to dismantle its local police department after the death of George Floyd. Trump seizes on calls to defund the country's police departments. The police chief of Houston says disbanded police is an "invitation to chaos." Clyburn warns "defund the police" rhetoric could are safe? Could "hijack" democrats' police reform efforts.

Biden says he's against defunding the police departments, as Trump tries to align him with those who are for it. Biden, "I don't support defunding the police." Top Trump officials claim that there are no systemic racism in policies.

Thousands mourn George Floyd at public viewing in Houston.

Bail is set for up to $1.25 million for Derek Chauvin after his first court appearance, as the ex-officer has been charged with George' Floyd. Attorney for Thomas Lane, one of the four cops charged in George Floyd's death, say, "he did not stand by and watch."

The White House has "no regrets" about forcefully clearing protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Barr is contradicting Trump on why he was on the golf course. Barr contradicts Trump on why the president was taken to the White house bunker.

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