Trump heading to Mount Rushmore event; Coronavirus cases rising


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Trump speech at Mount Rushmore event is mask optional with 7,500 seats lined up closely together. Dr. Fauci warns public to avoid crowds, wear a mask, and keep physical distance. U.S. hits 100,000+ coronavirus cases over two days. 35 states see a rise in coronavirus cases in the past week.

At least eight secret service agents stuck in Phoenix with coronavirus after preparing for visit by Vice President Pence.

Surgeon General doesn’t tell people to avoid crowds despite CDC warning against large gatherings. According to camp aide, Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech will accuse the left of trying to “Divide our country” by “Tearing down our history”

People crowding Florida beaches today as Florida now leads U.S. in average of new cases per day. Texas reports third straight day with 7,000+ new cases. Top health official in Galveston, Texas “very worried” about surge.

California man dies from coronavirus soon after expressing regret over attending party.

California hospitalization rates hit new high with 5,500+ patients. California Surgeon General expresses the stress of the pandemic and not being in school can affect kids’ physical health. California Surgeon General reacts to how racial inequities and pandemic are affecting Black Americans saying, “This is a time for change” and while science shows the injustices Black Americans experience has “A direct biological affect on our bodies.”

Rep. Liz Cheney takes repeated jabs at Trump and avoids counterpunch.

Americas denied Italy entry due to high U.S. infection rates.

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