Trump touts economy when asked about a “plan for systematic racism”


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Trump touts the economy when asked about a “plan for systematic racism”. Protests underway across the U.S. for the 11th straight day in multiple cities. Sen. Tim Scott talks with Erin about President Trump saying it’s a “great day” for George Floyd. Trump on National Guard response to protests: “they were ripping that place apart…I love it”. New protests happening across the country as police clashes caught on tape raise questions about their tactics. An Atlanta woman who was slammed to ground by police and her attorney join the show to talk about the incident. A source says Esper and Milley are refusing to testify before a house committee next week about the military’s role in responding to protests. Army secretary reveals how close paratroopers came to being sent into Washington D.C. streets. Former chief of staff John Kelly says he agrees with Mattis: “We need to look harder at who we elect”. Trump touts strong jobs report as the unemployment rate falls to 13.3%. May sees biggest jobs increase ever. Officers kneel with protesters in act of solidarity.

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