Errant Space Podcast Sixty Seven: Explorations for Battle of the Ancients


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This month’s podcast features sonic explorations for Battle of the Ancients, a board game from my friends at Gilded Skull Games that should be coming out next year. (The Battle of the Ancients Kickstarter is live now, check it out!)

Here I explore the quieter, more ambient aspects of the sound of Battle of the Ancients; trying to come up with themes, textures and atmospheres that may make their way on to an eventual game soundtrack. (You can find the previous soundtrack I did for Gilded Skull HERE.)

Coincidentally, I often try to produce some sort of weird “imaginary soundtrack” for my October podcasts that listeners can use to set the mood for their halloweening, and this one suits that purpose well.

Here are some of the devices used in the creation of this podcast.

The keyboard sounds for this podcast were mostly from some old casios, which I find quite evocative. I recorded them to cassette 4-track to add some extra texture before further digital manipulation.

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