Ep 162 - Chuck Liddell, former UFC lightweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer


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Long before Conor McGregor, today's guest was responsible for bringing mixed martial arts to the masses, inspiring an iconic era of growth for the UFC.

Fighting in the first MMA event to break one million pay per views, he also coached the first ever series of the Ultimate Fighter show and has been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Today you can see him on TV and the big screen in guest appearances and acting roles around the world, or most recently breaking up fights and de-escalating tension during Huntingdon Beach riots.

Please welcome former UFC lightweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell to the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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Chuck ‘Iceman’ Liddell is a retired American mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion instantly recognised by his trademark Mohawk. He has an extensive striking background in Kenpo, Karate, and Kickboxing, as well as a grappling background in collegiate wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Liddell had 23 fights in the UFC including two historic wins over Tito Ortiz and is widely credited with bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment. On July 10, 2009, he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Liddell holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Accounting, from the California Polytechnic State University, is the father of five children and is married to Heidi Liddell.

Chuck Liddell is one of the richest MMA fighters in the world, with an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Since official retirement in 2020, Chuck has dabbled in reality TV, appearing in Dancing With The Stars, and continues to enjoy his passion for acting. To date, Chuck has appeared in 30 TV shows and films from 1981 – 2020.

Visit www.chuckliddell.com to find out more about Chuck Liddell’s story

Episode highlights -

  • Pre competition preparation. How being ‘ice cool’ before a fight helps to focus the mind
  • How a determined mindset in the ring transfers to business and other aspects of life. The need to look for creative ways to achieve
  • How to become proficient enough to compete at the top level. Select core skill elements to focus on and become a master of these. Once the foundations are in place, build on these
  • Why skill evolution and continual learning is vital to success
  • How adversity drives success. Turning a defeat into a driver for achievement in the future
  • How much of today’s fighting is about strategy and how much is raw skill execution
  • How important is mindset? What role does mental attitude play in success? How being able to read fighters and know when the right time is to throw that killer punch
  • Why it is important to train across multiple disciplines and pick out what works for you?
  • Why John Hackleman, long term coach and friend, played no part in the final fight
  • Hard core fans enjoy great fighters compete but showboats like Connor McGregor help to attract new ‘casual fans’, growing the sport and turning a fight more into a party or an event
  • Is it more important to fight to win or fight to entertain the fans?
  • Was a highly competitive mindset something you were born with?
  • People who are really good at what they do work hard at what they do. Success has been the result of hard work, driven by a love of the sport
  • The strong work ethic that has driven success in sport translates into other areas of life and business but it’s not so easy
  • Failure only happens when you give up. If you want to think like a winner, be a winner, keep moving. Pick a direction and keep going
  • If you make a mistake you need to get over it quickly, get back to work.
  • Mental toughness is an everyday thing. It can’t be turned on and off. You have to focus on it. If you don’t, it can slip. You’ve got to believe in yourself.
  • Dealing with retirement was hard. The whole purpose in life disappeared. It’s been really important to find new things to focus on
  • UFC has changed. There is a lot more hype, more theatrical around the fights now. The main event should remain in the ring
  • The story behind the mohawk
  • How did a UFC Hall of Famer find the ‘Dancing with The Stars’ experience

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