How to pronounce 50 jobs in English


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Hello and welcome to our Pronunciation Power-Up Mini-Course! We’re going to practice pronouncing 50 words a day for 5 days - a total of 250 words. This will give you a quick boost in your pronunciation. The #1 most important thing is for you to PARTICIPATE in these lessons by listening and repeating the words aloud. There's space in the video for you to say each word immediately after I do. Try to pronounce it exactly the way I did. When you do this, you’re training your mouth to say each word correctly. Each day of the mini-course will have a theme, and today's theme is jobs - so we’re going to practice saying 50 common job titles. Those were 50 words for common professions, and now you know how to pronounce each one like a native English speaker. If you want to continue training your pronunciation with me, I have an American English Pronunciation Course that will teach you all the sounds of the language. In that course we focus on the sounds themselves, like the difference between seat and sit, or pool and pull, or they and day. You'll improve your pronunciation fast by repeating words and sentences after me. I hope you found today’s pronunciation practice helpful - make sure to tune in tomorrow for the next pronunciation power-up lesson.

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