Davide Morri, Return to Cincinnati, Super League


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The (in)famous Italian, Davide Morri, joins the podcast to discuss the CUSB Academy coming up this July. https://cusbfrisbee.it/cusb-academy-english-version/
Liam and Ravi talk to Davide about the first time they met him and how CUSB changed their spirit, Davide's experience picking up with PELT at Windmill and various other topics. To close the show Ravi and Liam talk about WUCC returning to Cincinnati and the saga of the European Super League.
Elevate Ultimate's "The Art of Coaching Youth Ultimate": https://elevateultimate.com/coaching-resources/
[1:30] CUSB Academy
[12:40] Davide previews his new Ultiworld article
[19:48] How Liam met Davide
[24:30] How Ravi met Davide
[29:30] Spirit in CUSB
[33:20] Davide playing with PELT
[41:30] Who Davide looked up to early on
[53:15] WUCC returning to Cincinnati
[1:02:20] Takes on the Super League

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