EFR 610: Dr. Jacey Folkers and Josh Whalen on Busting Myths and Misconceptions About Unique Men’s Health Needs and Testosterone Replacement Therapy


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Myths, lies, and half-truths run rampant when it comes to men's health, especially when it comes to testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy (a.k.a. TRT).

Did you know that men are 25% less likely to see a physician? When it comes to health and wellness, men are often told to “man up”… but at the cost of what? Our cognition, sex drive, strength, stamina, the list goes on. That’s why this week, we’re focusing on all things men’s health.

Today, we speak with Dr. Jacey Folkers, Doctor of Functional Medicine and Owner of Rise to Wellness, along with Josh Whalen, Founder and CEO of Blokes, a modern men’s healthcare company. These guys are making huge strides in the field of men’s health and they’re here to share their wealth of knowledge and experience on everything from electrolytes to hormones.

In this discussion, they address the myths and misconceptions about male hormones and TRT, the do’s and don’ts of TRT, and the role of peptides in men’s health. They also speak not only on the physical aspects of hormone replacement and support therapies, but also the emotional and mental aspects of it which are just as important.

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