Eating Our Fair Share: County Fair Foods with Counter Programming


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It’s a crossover! That’s right: Anna and Lia have joined forces with Arielle and Shira of the podcast Counter Programming to discuss a topic near and dear to our hearts (and taste buds) — county fairs! In this special episode of Every Day is a Counter Day (or is it Counter Food Programming Day?), Arielle and Shira talk about the history of county fairs, then Anna and Lia go deep on the main reason people go to them: the food! Learn more about how these “jollifications” got started, the craziest foods you can find, and meet the man behind your favorite fair fare. Plus, join us for some fair trivia and find out how we fared when it came to cooking up our own versions of fried fair foods! Air-fried Oreos and corndogs, anyone? Be sure to subscribe to Counter Programming and follow them on Instagram at @CounterProgrammingPod. And join us for Season 2 starting May 4!
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