Elephant Butte, NM - Toy Box Killer - David Parker Ray


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In the U.S. state of New Mexico, one can find towns with unusual names such as Elephant Butte and Truth and Consequences. But few people know that in these towns there once lived a criminal with an equally unusual moniker - “The Toy-Box Killer.” He was an infamous American kidnapper, torturer, rapist, and suspected serial killer who executed his monstrous crimes right inside his trailer, known as a “toy-box”, and later referred to as “Satan’s Den.” It was only in March 1999 that David Parker Ray a.k.a. the “Toy-Box Killer” was exposed and arrested after his last victim succeeded in running away from his captor. Of the allegedly 60 people, mostly women, that he tortured and killed inside his soundproof trailer, only a few lived to share their harrowing experiences. Their stories from hell led to David Parker Ray’s conviction – though not for the crime of murder, surprisingly.
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