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Everyday Perspectives is an ever-evolving podcast dedicated to helping you step into your own power. The show's host, Erin Panzarella, is a soul currently having a human experience as a channeler, energy healer, and perspective shifter based in New York City. Erin has studied and integrated many different self-help practices, mindfulness tools, and healing modalities into her experience that have helped her completely shift from a victim-based mindset into an empowered co-creator with the universe. Her intention with this podcast is to share what she has learned and different examples from her life to show you how you are the one who has control over your experience by shifting what you think, say, and do. Solo episodes are released every Tuesday, and Erin has periodic conversations released on Thursdays with mindful guests who are also on a mission to share their own processes and tools that helped them shift their perspectives and step into their power by living an aligned life.

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