Ep. 1 - What Led You To This Moment?


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It’s a dream factory up in here!

A few months ago we were three strangers starting businesses. Now, we are a team operating three businesses grounded in spirituality, community and friendship. Everyday we make that one small step to build stronger relationships, businesses and communities and you are invited to join the ride!

We talk spirituality, self-care tools, the entrepreneurship journey and we hang out - with you!

Our goal is to inspire you to get over your bullshit and follow your dreams by being an everyday rebel. Taking risks and living the life we are designed to live isn’t easy so we want to learn with you to take steps everyday to live in our power. It’s by enjoying the process of transformation that we become rebellious.

Every week we give ourselves a challenge to embody what it means to be everyday rebels and we invite you to take part in them.

You ready?


In this episode, we, Emilie, Jessica and Laura, chat about what led us to this moment - the moment we met, the moment we started our businesses and the moment we started this podcast. We introduce ourselves and our journeys and cosmically profile ourselves - because that shit matters.


The challenge this week was to create a video introducing ourselves and our journey to answer the question: “What led you to this moment?”. This challenge provided an opportunity for us to connect with our audience and also celebrate the steps we’ve taken to lead us to where we are right now.

Take part in the challenge and post your video answering the question: What led you this moment? Share it on Instagram and tag @everydayrebelspod on Instagram!


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Emilie, Jessica and Laura are on the path to raising consciousness in their own ways. Emilie is a fashion entrepreneur, Jessica is a spiritual guide and Laura is a spiritual coach. They’re all changing the world one step at a time by taking small risks and getting over their own bullshit everyday to design the life they’ve always dreamt of. They are everyday rebels.

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