Ep. 5 - Starting A Business


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Hey Rebels!
Happy 2021 - we are so excited to be back with a new episode...the first of the year! This week we talk business. We hear a lot about thriving business after they've gone through their initial hardships but we don't often hear about those beginning stages while IN the beginning stages. So, this week, Emilie, Jessica and Laura share their business journeys: why we started, how we started and what we've learned within the first few months of business.
Starting a business can be so elusive and we all go about it differently and as any big project goes, we tend to forget about the beginning stages of them in our lives.
Stay tuned and get some very useful and applicable advice to starting the thing you've wanted to start forever. This is an inspirational episode that will put some fire under your butt. Are you ready?
As per usual, at the end, Jessica gives us an energy update using tarot.

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Have a good week, Rebels!

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