Ep. 8 - Practicing Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work with Nicholas Bremner


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Hey Rebels,
This week, we're chatting with a light worker in the corporate world: Nicholas Bremner. We talk about how both art and science inform how we can change organizational cultures and how shifting to a people-first approach can increase employee well-being. We also go into how the pandemic has shone light on some of the cracks in company cultures.
Nicholas is a data scientist with a background in Industrial Organizational (IO) psychology. He loves helping organizations solve people-related challenges. He is helping to make the workplace better for those who work in these types of companies. He is currently a People Research Scientist in the tech industry and is also a podcaster. His podcast Mind Your Work investigates and makes sense of the human aspects of work through science.
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To wrap up the episode, Jessica gives us an energy update!

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Have a good week, Rebels!

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