Ep 2: The Chronicles of #SarsMustEnd


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Speaking on one of the biggest current issue in Nigeria which is the #ENDSARS. A “Special Anti-Robbery Squad” Organization that was created within the police force and tasked to protect Nigerians against robbery and other crimes, also happens to be the biggest problem any Nigerian can face.

For many years now the “SARS” organization has been responsible for so many unjustified killing and harming of civilians, excessive USE OF FORCE, several police brutality, abuse of power, extortion and police harassment. The Nigerian Youths have been targeted and stereotyped by this organization literally for their look, for having nice gadget and nice cars, to their dressing including robbing of youths while they are not allowed to practice their RIGHTS.

There are presently series of protest being led across the country to put an end to the Bad governance and for a better Future among Nigerians. These protest have managed to gained attention worldwide and which has also led to many influential acts speaking up and siding against the situation.

The episode speaks on the Series of protest against police brutality while the situation is currently still unfolding, the Nigerian government are yet to meet the peoples demand. #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria #ZeroAccountability

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