How to Keep Moving Forward in an Ultra with Katie Asmuth


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When it comes to mental toughness and a “no quit” attitude when it comes to ultra running, Katie Asmuth embodies these qualities to the fullest. But not only is she tough; she also is filled with tons of gratitude, love, and admiration for the sport of ultrarunning. Which is likely one of the many reasons why she is one of the top athletes in the sport.

Katie Asmuth is a professional trail runner residing in Mammoth Lakes, CA and is sponsored by Saucony, Nathan, XOSKIN, and Fluid Sports Nutrition. She has podiumed tons of ultramarathons, including winning the Bandera 100k, the Black Canyon 60k, and coming in second in IMTUF 100. She has also placed in the top 10 of Western States 100 twice.

She is also a mother of two and nurse practitioner, which is incredibly inspiring!

Coming off an awe-inspiring effort at the 2022 Western States 100 where she finished in the top 10 despite massive GI issues, Katie shares her biggest takeaways from the race and the mindset she harnessed when things got incredibly tough for her. She also shares the biggest lessons she’s learned along her running journey, as well as some amazing stories from the Western States race.

Huge thank you to Katie for coming on the show and for being so amazing!

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