E54. A Totally FKT 2020 with Damian Hall & Summit Fever


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Against a backdrop of the Covid_19 pandemic and the slew of race cancellations it led too, a few runners have managed to salvage the spirit of competition and a number of epic achievements from the clutches of what could have been a very quiet year in trail/ultra-running.

There can be few claims to greater success this year than Damian Hall's. He has just grabbed his 3rd record of a busy summer after a nail-biting 14hr charge along the South Wales Traverse.

We cover this, his year as a whole and also the upcoming film 'Totally FKT' which documents Damian and John Kelly's exploits on the Pennine Way earlier this summer (see episodes #42 and #44).

In a special feature, Will also chats to Matt and Ellie Green of Summit Fever, the film-makers behind this amazing documentary which premieres on Sunday 22nd November at Kendal Mountain Festival

Learn more at: https://www.summitfevermedia.com/pennine-way-fkt

Cover Images: (c) innov8/Dave Macfarlane

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