EPI #2 - David Pipkin: Vice Chair Constitution Party Texas joins the Podcast to Talk Politics & Saving Liberty


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In this Episode of the Everything Matters Podcast, David L. Pipkin, Vice Chair of the Constitution Party Texas joins Podcast host, Bradford Speaks, to converse around the fight we are currently engaged in to preserve American freedom, liberty and prosperity. David is a family man, a Christian, Musician, and a standup guy who believes that "an immoral society is a society that is doomed to fail", and that is exactly what we are entrenched in today. The battle for the soul of America is upon us, and he believes that if we all work together and are able to listen to one another and conduct meaning and constructive civil discourse, we can create the change we need. We also talk about the mindset that many Black Americans hold that the Constitution document was not designed and written with them in mind. David talks further about the principles that guide his party's actions and their insistence on creating a fair political system that favors the people vs what he calls the "corrupt duopoly" of a system we currently behold that favors back door deals, money and greed. He shares openly what he feels is missing to save what is left of American life and culture, our youth and our future. To learn more about David and the work the Constitution Party of Texas is up to, and/or to get involved, visit: www.constitutionpartytexas.org. You may also follow David on all Social Media platforms @texaswiseguy1; Twitter handle is @thetexaswiseguy
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