How Long would it take for my Hair to be like Rapunzel? How Long is a Giraffe’s Neck? How Long can Humpback Whales Hold their Breath for?


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Today we’re answering three questions about LONG things! One’s about long hair, the next about long necks and the last about long breaths!

Our first question comes from Sophie, she would like to know: how long would it take for my hair to be like Rapunzel?

Hear from top hairdresser Lino Carbosiero MBE about how long it would take as well as some tips on how to grow your hair long!

Next up is a question from Livia who would like to know: how long is a giraffe’s neck?

We discover giraffe’s necks are about the length of a Daddy, how many bones there are in the neck and how giraffes drink water with such short necks and long legs!

Our third question comes from Ben who would like to know: how long can humpback whales hold their breath for? As well as finding out how long they can hold their breath we also find out how they do it and what the record for a deep dive is among whales.

We find out who won a copy of Clover Stroud's new book.

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