Trees Under The Sun! How Many Trees are there in the World? Why are Trees Important? How many Trees grow in the Amazon Rainforest?


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Today we’re talking TREES and the Amazon Rainforest.

Our first question comes from Jude, he would like to know how many trees there in the world, find out how many trillion trees grow on earth and how they were counted.

Next up is Luca, who asks why are trees important? To answer him we have Bella Lack who is only 16 but has been campaigning for the environment for five years already. She loves wildlife and animals and talks to young people about our beautiful planet so Bella is the perfect person to chat to us about trees, and why they’re so important.

Thirdly is Caleb who would like to know how many trees grow in the Amazon rainforest? Find out all about the biggest rainforest on the planet as well as the animals, plants and trees that live there. We talk about the fires that are currently raging through the Amazon and what we can do to help.

A huge thank you the wonderful Bella Lack for talking to us about why trees are important and of course a big thank you to Caleb, Luca and Jude for this week’s questions!

I’ll be back next week answering more questions from children around the world in another episode of EUTS. Do send in your questions, there’s info about how to do that on the show’s website,

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I hope you have a lovely week planting lots of trees!

Thank you and GOODBYE!

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