Who was the First Comedian? With Dan Schreiber from NSTAAF Why do Ducklings Learn How to Swim So Fast? Plus we uncover a mystery object spotted by two listeners on their run.


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Hello and welcome to episode 56 of Everything Under The Sun – a weekly podcast answering all the most pressing questions children around the world have about life on earth!

My name is Molly and today I have three questions for you:

The first is who was the first comedian? We find out all about the history of comedy and funny people of the past from Dan Schreiber from No Such Thing as A Fish and QI.

The second question is from Martha and Heidi who sent me a photo of something they saw out on a run and wanted to know what it was.

Also we find out why ducklings learn how to swim so fast.

If you get time you can leave a review and send me a question! To send a question just ask an adult to borrow their smartphone, record yourself saying your name and your age and a bit about yourself and send it into me at molly@everythingunderthesun.co.uk

Thanks everyone! Sending lots of love for a good week ahead, thank you and GOODBYE!

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