Episode 40 – The Ever Evolving Privacy Law with Carole Piovesan


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In this episode of The Innovators Behind Disruption, we sit down with Carole Piovesan of INQ Law to discuss how spending on cybersecurity is divided and which ways data privacy is involved in everyday life.


0:00 Opening remarks

1:30 Banning paying ransom on ransomware attacks

3:50 The three spends of technical defence

5:35 Data privacy in everyday life

7:25 Giving up control of privacy

9:20 Big tech privacy adjustments

12:00 Recent changes of privacy

13:45 AI in the healthcare sector

16:30 Bridging the divide between tech and medicine

17:15 Canadian GDPR

18:50 Closing Remarks

GUEST SPEAKER: Carole Piovesan - Managing partner, INQ Law

Carole is managing partner at INQ Law, focusing her practice on privacy, cyber readiness, data governance and artificial intelligence (AI) risk management. She regularly counsels clients on a wide range of matters related to privacy, cyber readiness and breach response, data governance, ethical AI and responsible innovation. Prior to founding INQ Law, Carole was co-lead of the national Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Management group at McCarthy Tétrault. She has represented clients before all levels of court in Ontario as well as at the Supreme Court of Canada. Carole plays an active role in shaping data law, policy and standards in Canada and globally. She is the co-chair of the federal government’s Exposure Notification application. She also co-chairs the data governance working group for the Data Governance Standardization Collaborative at the Standards Council of Canada. She is a member of the Data Governance Working Group for the Global Partnership on AI, as well as an advisor to several AI start-ups. In 2018, Carole was appointed by the federal Minister of Innovation to serve as one of six Digital Leaders in the national data and digital transformation consultations. In this role, she led consultations with businesses, academics, civil society and industry associations to inform the first national Digital Charter. Announced on May 21, 2019, the Digital Charter has led to significant proposed reforms to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law.

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