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Emily Kennedy is Co-Founder & President of Marinus Analytics. Emily went form college researcher to tech founder helping thousands of victims in the $99 billion black market industry of sex trafficking, forced labor and slavery. What started off as a college research thesis on human trafficking turned into an internationally recognized AI and machine learning technology to identify and locate victims trafficking sold online and dismantle organized criminal networks.

In their seven years of operation, they've assisted over 2,500 law enforcement and nonprofit users analyze over 400 million records to date. Their technology is 60 times faster than manual identification and saved law enforcement over 70,000 hours of investigative time in 2020 alone. To continue their impact of solving society's most pressing problems, they've applied their technology to include human services and cyber fraud. And in early 2021, they were announced as a finalist in the IBM Watson AI X PRIZE, which is a $3 million competition to build artificial intelligence for good.

Full show notes and worksheets can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/emily-kennedy

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How to take university research and turn it into a startup
  • How to secure early stage funding without taking venture capital
  • How to grow your customer base in early stages
  • How to attract passionate and skilled talent to a mission driven startup
  • How to set boundaries as a founder
  • How to be a thermostat, and not a thermometer

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