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Kelsey Moreira is the founder & CEO of Doughp, a cookie dough company with a mission. Kelsey has been noted by Real Estate Mogul and Shark Tank Shark, Barbara Corcoran as the most sophisticated store owner she’d ever met in her life. Why might you ask? Because this Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur ditched her decade-long 6 figure tech career with Intel and decided to bootstrap a cookie dough company from a $500 food cart to growing 500% year over year in profits the first two years by serving more than 250,000 cookie dough lovers. But the real magic has been their mission to reduce stigmas around mental health & addiction, including the donation of 88,151 MINUTES in mental health treatment time. Her cookie dough and her mission-driven mentality behind has raised more than 1.2 million dollars, had multiple retail locations including the Las Vegas Strip, and after COVID has pivoted 100% online to ship nationwide through a strong e-commerce business.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • - How Kelsey's relationship with alcohol became a detriment to her life
  • - When Kelsey decided to stop drinking and how she did it
  • - How Kelsey started baking in order to rebuild her identity
  • - How Kelsey discovered the cookie dough recipe that would later become Doughp
  • - How Kelsey launched Doughp and started validating her idea
  • - What happened when Kelsey started sharing her sobriety journey with customers
  • - What is Doughp For Hope and why it is the core of Doughp's mission
  • - How Kelsey decides which nonprofits to partner with
  • - How Kelsey created a fun startup culture without drinking or mind altering substances
  • - How to permeate your values as a founder in the company culture
  • - The challenges Kelsey faced as a first time entrepreneur opening a retail location
  • - How Kelsey transitioned 100% online during COVID and skyrocketed sales
  • - How you can use your physical locations data and experience to direct online experiences
  • - What Doughp does to stand out in their marketing online
  • - How Doughp nurtures it's community online
  • - The best advice Kelsey received to stay resilient through sobriety and tough times
  • - The meditation app that Kelsey swears by
  • - How we can better support friends and families' mental health
  • - How to find existing solutions and use your business to support them

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