Sidney Haitoff on Affordable Healthcare without Insurance, Disrupting the Healthcare Industry, & Building a Marketplace | Evolve 064


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Sidney Haitoff is the Founder and CEO of mishe, the Pay-As-You-Go Healthcare™ company that puts consumers in control of their care by connecting them directly with providers on the basis of transparent and affordable pricing; no insurance needed. Since launching in the fall of 2020, mishe has already welcomed more than 125 providers across seven specialties to the marketplace in just three months of active recruitment in San Diego. They are continuing to build out our provider network and plan to offer a full suite of essential medical services to their community and other major metropolitan areas across the country.

Today he shares his expertise in the medical industry, how he approached building a two sided marketplace, the secret tool he uses to overcome challenges being a founder, and how he is bringing healing back to healthcare through price transparency, equity, and access.

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