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Tom Dawkins is the Co-Founder & CEO of StartSomeGood. Tom has been the founder of 5 nonprofits and social enterprises and built the leading platform in cause-driven crowdfunding, innovative partnerships and social entrepreneur education. Since its conception in 2010, the platform has enabled more than 1000 projects to raise over $12.5 million to make a positive impact in the world. Their projects have an outstanding 53% success rate compared with 39% on Kickstarter and 9% on Indiegogo. In addition to their technology platform, they created a one stop shop for social entrepreneurs with accelerators, a social enterprise design course, live crowdfunding pitch events, a network community, and everything to help people design and launch social enterprises and impact projects.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The little known secrets from over a 1000 successful crowdfunding campaigns
  • How to fund ideas facing the innovation paradox
  • How to convene, not convert, your idea’s first audience
  • The 5 heart grabbing hooks to get people raving about your crowdfunding idea
  • Why the world’s biggest challenges are the biggest business opportunities
  • The 4 phases of social entrepreneurship

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