Individualized Alzheimer's Prevention is (Just Now) Evidence Based with Richard Isaacson (Part 2)


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In the first episode with Dr Richard Isaacson we discussed his journey towards the recent Oct 2019 publication which was the first forward looking designed paper showing improvements in people at-risk for developing or with early symptoms of Alzheimer's. In this second episode we discuss Richard's idea around how mitochondria might be a root-cause for Alzheimer's disease. We talk about different "personalities" of early Alzheimer's and how this might be related to lab levels and cognitive function tests. Other items we discuss towards a personalization of an approach in Alzheimer's are hormone replacement therapy in Alzheimer's disease and prevention. Cocoa flavanols, Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic diet, metabolic goals and targets, body fat and quite a bit more. One more note, please understand that none of this should be construed as medical advice. Please consult your local qualified medical authority, even if only considering lifestyle modifications like fasting of any kind or nutritional ketosis.

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