Methylene Blue & It’s Potential in Alzheimer’s


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Part 2 of the conversation with Francisco Gonzalez-Lima. We are talking about Methylene Blue as a potential therapy for Alzheimer’s. This is something that you can access yourself with the proper research needed to obtain a pharmaceutical grade. We talk about its potential as a therapy for early intervention and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Part 1 of this interview was released two weeks ago, where we talk about brain bioenergetics and laser treatments as a therapy for Alzheimer’s.

0:30 - The “magical properties” of Methylene Blue

10:44 - What do people feel like on Methylene Blue?

25:40 - Benefits of Methylene Blue for early intervention and prevention of Alzheimer’s

35:47 - Why it is so difficult to find Methylene Blue. Is it poisonous?

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